All our beautiful and freshs products are grown with care and attention by growers with craftsmanship. The quality of our products is assessed as being above average by independent experts and derives from a high degree of customer satisfaction.
All of Van Nature’s growers are Global Gap certified and, depending on the customers and markets they supply, also have additional certifications, such as BRC or PlanetProof.

Our affiliated fruit and vegetable growers use water and nutrients for the plants in their crops in a very responsible way and they operate sustainable energy policies. In order to control any diseases and pests that may occur in the crops, the growers use natural enemies such as parasitic wasps.

In a number of products (see the availability of the various products), growers use grow lights, making year-round supply possible. 

For more information about, for example, the availability of certain products or the specific flavour characteristics of a tomato, click on the photo of the desired product to find the information in the green information boxes.

Our products are available exclusively through Combilo, Haluco, Levarht and Scherpenhuizen.