Cucumber grower

Wout, Klaas en Wim Limburg

Energy efficiency

The Koekoekspolder is situated to the north of IJsselmuiden. It is a varied horticultural region where a host of crops are produced. The central location means we have a large market in the west of the country, but Germany is also an important market. We use our two greenhouses to grow cucumbers. Efficient use of energy is one of our priorities so our greenhouses are powered by a special combined heat and power system. We also use natural predators such as parasitic wasps and predatory mites to control pests and diseases. Biological crop control is a clean approach that has benefits all round.




IJsselgrow B.V.


Hagendijk 4, IJsselmuiden

Spread across three cycles

We produce our cucumbers in three cycles each year, spread as well as possible, to ensure the best quality all year round. We transplant new plants to the greenhouse when they are about 40 cm onto slabs made of a mineral wool substrate. This material facilitates good root establishment so we can provide the plants with all the fertiliser they need. We try to regulate the greenhouse climate, which includes the temperature and relative humidity, as well as possible to create the ideal conditions for optimal plant growth and cucumber production.


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