Bell pepper grower

Wim Verberne

Asten near De Groote Peel

Our company dates back to 1959 and we decided to start growing bell peppers in 1995. That turned out to be a wise choice, as the demand for bell peppers is still rising. We grow a very high performing variety on 2.8 hectares.


Bell peppers


Kwekerij Verberne B.V.



Different sunlight

We grow one cropping cycle of bell peppers here each year. The period around Christmas is quiet, and all the plants in the greenhouse have time to grow and flourish. The greenhouse looks wonderful. Every stage of the cultivation process is fascinating, but this one has a special place in my heart. We prune the plants so we can start growing with four stems - the so-called four-stem system. Wires are attached above and below these stems and as the plant grows it is trained upwards as the season progresses. As the plant matures it grows towards the light. You have to remember that the sunlight here in Asten is different to the light in the coastal Westland region. The clouds disperse faster near the sea while in Brabant the sunlight can really push the temperatures up. It's something you have to take into account in your growing strategy.


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