Bell pepper grower

Ton van den Bosch

From 6,000 to 60,000m2

We were originally beef tomato growers, but switched to red bell peppers back in 1993, and have expanded over time from 6,000m² to 60,000 m² under glass. But now we have reached the boundaries of the possibilities, or indeed desire, for further expansion: the two greenhouses we use to grow our red bell peppers are absolutely perfect!


Bell peppers


Ton van den Bosch B.V.



Steer growth generatively

We grow a large bell pepper variety that gives good quality and has a good shelf life. This shelf life trait ensures the pepper remains in top condition from the moment of harvest until it is displayed on the supermarket shelf. The variety can be steered generatively, that means it produces many flowers and therefore fruits and has a vigorous growth habit. For the best generative steering, reaching and maintaining a consistent temperature in the greenhouse is essential. To increase the sustainability of our energy consumption we are connected to a power station. The residual heat from the power generation process is fed to our greenhouse via a pipeline to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution.


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