Bell pepper grower

Ton de Koning

In our blood

Our company was founded many years ago when my grandfather started out as a grower in the 1930s. Since then growing has been in our blood and passed on from father to son. Our company has been based in Nootdorp since 1998. We grow red bell peppers on 3.5 hectares.


Bell peppers


Ton de Koning V.O.F.



My wife José also works at the company. We have a close-knit team of three permanent staff and one freelancer hard at work throughout the entire season, and supplement them with temps and students at peak periods. There's always a nice, relaxed atmosphere in the greenhouses.

Fascinating cycles

Growing red bell peppers is a perpetual challenge! I never tire of the changing cycles along with the seasons. There's something fascinating about every moment of each season. The plants are sown by the propagator in October and the seedlings arrive here at the end of November when they are transplanted into substrate in our greenhouses. That's when tending to the plants starts. Things really get busy when the time for harvesting approaches. Then you can literally pick the fruits of your labour - that tiny seed has produced tens of kilos of bell peppers.


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