Bell pepper grower

Tom Moerenhout

Tied tightly

To begin with the young plants are placed in a substrate. Once they are large enough the stems are pruned to four side shoots which are attached to wires. The stems have to be tied tightly, as bell pepper plants don't like to hang too loose, but like support. The plants can grow to a height of four to four and a half metres! We start harvesting in February or March and the season lasts right until around mid-November.


Bell peppers


Kwekerij De Eendracht B.V.



A laugh and a joke

My son has said he would like to take over the company in the future; that's reassuring; I know that the company we have built up will continue when I retire. My five daughters have all chosen to pursue careers outside horticulture, but my wife works full time in the greenhouses. Our motto is having fun at work, and there's always time for a laugh and a joke, even if we are busy. It's great to share our passion for the profession and work together; I hope to keep on working as long as possible.


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