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Ronald en Jeroen Mies

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I run our tomato growing company with greenhouses in Wouwse Plantage and Hoogerheide together with my brother. Those two sites cover a total surface area of 68,000 m2. We grow vine tomatoes on one site and cherry tomatoes on the vine at the other one. We have been growing various types of vine tomatoes since 1994 - cocktail vine tomatoes, vine tomatoes and cherry vine tomatoes. Every day we learn more about the flavour and productivity of tomatoes.




Kwekerij Gebroeders Mies B.V.


Hoogerheide en Wouwse Plantage, Noord-Brabant

Every day we learn more about the flavour of tomatoes and how to grow them

Vines in vogue

The rising popularity suggests that vine tomatoes and cherry vine tomatoes are really in vogue with consumers. Cherry tomatoes on the vine have a high Brix value (a figure that indicates the sugar content) and this makes them deliciously sweet.

When the tomatoes arrive as seedlings at the greenhouse they are planted in mineral wool slabs placed in a gutter at a height of 65 cm above the ground. A tomato plant grows at a rate of 25-30 cm per week. The twines they grow up are lowered each week by adjusting an iron hook that is wound with 15 metres of twine. That's the length a tomato plant can eventually grow to! The fruits are cut per vine and packed for the customers in our shed. We offer 200 g/250 g/300 g/500 g and 3 kg packaging.


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