Bell pepper grower

Rob Stricker

Specific skill set

At our company, Heroco, we grow red bell peppers. We employ three permanent and four part-time staff and at harvest time a close team of workers joins us to help every year. My wife also works at the company. A real advantage is that everyone has his or her own specific skill set. It certainly makes our work easier and more enjoyable.


Bell peppers


Rodenrijs B.V. h.o.d.n. Heroco



Expensive face creams can't beat bell peppers

The flavour of bell pepper is important, but the most important thing is that people are aware of the many healthy nutrients in peppers. For example, bell peppers contain twice as much Vitamin C as citrus fruits. They are a tremendous boost to your immune system and great for your daily wellbeing. Did you know they also contain folic acid? That’s a substance that is vital for the baby's growth and development during pregnancy. Consumers are all too willing to splash out on cosmetics and other care products, but health and wellbeing come from within. And that is where bell peppers and other vegetables form an easy, healthy and flavoursome source of goodness.


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