Tomato grower

Paul Zantman en Rob Brabander

Tasty and tempting

The vine cherry tomatoes we grow in Bleiswijk are a variety that delivers an amazing positive in the form of incredible sweetness. Once tasted, you won't want anything else! As the tomatoes have to be picked on the vine, and as the plant grows extremely fast, the cultivation process is more labour intensive than bell peppers, for example.




Brabander-Zantman V.O.F.



As well as vine cherry tomatoes, this greenhouse is also home to more than 15 different kinds of tomatoes. Orange plum tomatoes, pink beef tomatoes, brown cocktail tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes - too many to mention. All these varieties, with their own specific characteristics, are packed and marketed under the name Wild Tomato Mix for the restaurant and catering trade or consumer segment. Colourful, tasty and tempting.

All colours of the rainbow

As well as tomatoes, we also grow white, brown and purple bell peppers on a small scale. Just like green bell peppers, purple and white peppers have a sharp, spicy flavour. Brown ones have a mildly sweet taste. Did you know that if you heat a purple bell pepper it will turn green? It's handy to know if you want a certain colour effect in a dish. 
The special coloured bell peppers are often used as a decorative garnish in upper segment restaurants. But home cooks can use then too. They are just as healthy, tasty and easy to prepare as their 'commonplace' counterparts. Why not try them and astonish your guests!


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