Bell pepper grower

Marcel de Koning

Follow your heart

The 2.5 hectares of greenhouses on Langelandseweg in Nootdorp adjoin the neighbouring plot owned by my brother Ton. I met my wife in the course of my work and she knows all the ins and outs of the profession. Our daughter isn't all that interested in horticulture, but I recognise the true entrepreneurial spirit in our son: he really enjoys helping us out. But it's too soon to say if he will succeed me.


Bell peppers


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It would make me very happy, but he has to choose the career path he wants to follow. My father always said: ‘You can follow your heart in your work, but whatever you choose do it with real conviction’. I couldn't agree more with that sentiment.

Surrounded by plants every day

We have a team of four employees. There's a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at work and most of them have known each other for ten years or more. I make sure that I am on site as much as possible, otherwise I get bored. I love to be surrounded by the plants.


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