Bell pepper grower

Kevin en Nick Ammerlaan

Along for the ride

I was hooked on growing from an early age. You could often find me in the greenhouse with my dad. I loved hopping onto the harvesting trolley and going along for the ride while he was working. That's how it got started. In Maasland and De Lier we grow sweet pointed peppers and snack bell peppers.


Bell peppers


Ammerlaan Growers V.O.F.


De Lier en Maasland

Superbly sweet

Sweet pointed peppers are distinguished by their elongated, slightly irregular cone shape with little dents, and they have a sweet flavour - far sweeter than regular red bell peppers. They make an ideal snack, but also taste great stuffed and baked in the oven or grilled on the BBQ. This enhances the flavour and is a very healthy eating option.

Our snack bell peppers are small, sweet red, yellow and orange peppers that are virtually seed-free so you can eat them just as they are. Treat yourself to two or three sweet and tasty bell peppers for a responsible and healthy snack. And they are also a super appetiser with drinks. Slice in half lengthwise and stuff them with a cold chicken curry salad. Irresistible!


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