Bell pepper grower

Kees en Angela Ammerlaan

Own company

I started working in horticulture when I was 18, and immediately established a company with my father. We switched from bell pepper growing to tomatoes in the 1990s. From then on, we practically doubled in size every four years to reach our current area of 12.4 hectares. In a company of that extent, you soon work with a business partner. My wife Angela and I have a limited company, so she is effectively my business partner.


Bell peppers





Added value

Our joint efforts have created the company you see today. But it was a journey with ups and downs. There were times when we wondered what on earth we were doing it all for. It was then that we started looking for ways to add value for the company. We started sealing the packaging. It's a task we are meticulous about. If there is even the minutest hole in the plastic film, the pack doesn't leave the premises. This high level of detail for quality has created new, growing sales channels and that is naturally a nice bonus.

Plus, in cooperation with Van Nature we produce boxes for colleague growers. Ultimately that led to our company becoming more robust. We are still proud of where all our hard work has taken us.


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