Tomato grower

John en Mitch Vermeiren

There is music in the horticultural business of John and Mitch Vermeiren

Sitting still is not an activity that comes naturally to father and son Vermeiren in Meer, Belgium. Since he started growing tomatoes, father John has linked his name to several companies, most recently that of Meer Fresh. And after work, his son Mitch is an enthusiastic visitor to parties and festivals. And yes, he is not the only son of a grower at events like these, but the difference is that Mitch is a DJ.




Meer Fresh Products B.V.B.A.



Plum tomatoes

Belgium is also home to a wide range of tomato varieties, Mitch notes. "One grower likes to grow bulk tomatoes, the other specialises in the finer varieties. We work mainly in the plum tomato segment. Classic plum tomatoes, but also plum tomatoes with more flesh and almost no juice. We also have an assortment of different colours of plum tomatoes."

Two generations

Just as John succeeded his father in the family business, the next generation is also ready in Meer. Son Mitch is already responsible for the day-to-day management of Meer Fresh. Two generations in a company: for John it is a perfect mix. "Even though the cliché is that older people are more conservative and young people more progressive," he laughs. "But if horticulture wants to have a future, youthful enthusiasm and thinking out of the box are needed. Going into the future together is great. Helping to shift up a gear when possible and apply the brakes if necessary."


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