Bell pepper grower

Jan-Willem en Alexander Duijndam

Duijndam in the Zuidpolder

Our company in Pijnacker is centrally located in the horticultural region known as the Zuidpolder van Delfgauw. The company provides work to our father and mother, and both of us so it is a real family affair! 


Bell peppers


W.J.M. en M.A. Duijndam V.O.F.



Expanses of glass for plenty of sunshine

When we built new greenhouses in 2008, one of the most important considerations was plenty of sunshine for our plants. By choosing large panes of glass, more light can penetrate into the greenhouse and ensure the plants flourish. In summer it takes six and a half weeks for the flowers to transform into harvest-ready crops. The same process takes around eight weeks in autumn and spring. That goes to show just how important sunlight is.

Bugs for bugs

During the growing season, the bell pepper plants are at risk of being infected with pests such as thrips, mites, caterpillars and aphids. There isn't a lot you can do to control the caterpillars: it's a matter of hoping the tits and the other birds in the neighbourhood eat as many of them as possible. We control thrips preventatively using biological crop protection methods and we deploy the same tactics if we discover any mite infestations.


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