Tomato grower

Jan van Delft en Jan van Drunen

Two halves of one whole

Jan van Delft and Jan van Drunen run two nurseries in Elshout where they grow plum tomatoes and cocktail tomatoes. We have a clear division of tasks, but we can both perform those tasks equally well; we do everything together, but if one of us is absent, the other can seamlessly take over




Kwekerij De Bron en Kwekerij De Maasroute



You ask, we pack

Our tomatoes are packed to size and specific order.  We can supply precisely what the customer wants. Whether it's a 200 gram punnet or a larger 1 kilo pack. We work to order in this way for the retail sector All the preparations are done before midday, the trailer comes to collect the orders and next day the fresh tomatoes are on display at the point of sale. The market is a challenging one, and it's not always plain sailing. The demand is closely linked to the weather; in good weather people are more inclined to prepare a nice, crispy salad. In cold weather, they would rather eat cooked vegetables at mealtimes.


Kwekerij De Bron en Kwekerij De Maasroute holds the following certification