Courgette grower

Jan en Ewa van Vliet

Yellow delicacy

 We originally grew green courgettes, but we switched to growing yellow courgettes in 2009. There are only a few growers in the Netherlands, as it is a crop with an exceedingly high labour input. We work with seven employees per hectare, something that would be impossible with green courgettes.




Mts. J.J.E.M. van Vliet



Courgette Fleur

The wonderful thing about yellow courgettes is that they produce an edible flower. A true delicacy! You can stuff the flowers, dip them in batter and then briefly fry them for example. The flowers are marketed as “Courgette Fleur.” Courgette Fleurs only bloom for four to five hours, and they have to be picked during that window because they only open once. As the flowers bloom in the early morning,  we are up at dawn to pick them.


Mts. J.J.E.M. van Vliet holds the following certification