Cucumber grower

Jaap, Piet en Jan Reijm

Jaap, Jan and Piet

I was 20 when I started working in horticulture. We were born and raised with it as my father was a vegetable grower too. In 2013 we moved to the company you see today covering 4.4 hectares in Berkel en Rodenrijs. And with “we” I mean my brother Jaap, my son Jan and yours truly of course. It sounds quite catchy, doesn't it; Jaap, Jan and Piet?




Firma Reijm en Zonen


Berkel en Rodenrijs

High wire cucumbers

We use a relatively new growing system; high wire cultivation. In this system, all the harvestable cucumbers are at the same height. This gives us more uniform and better quality. The wonderful thing about cucumbers is that you can eat as many as you like. It's a vegetable within everyone's reach and appeals to old and young, rich and poor. 

Three plus three is not a crowd 

As well as the three of us, we have three other permanent employees. Each of us has his own tasks at management level: Jaap focuses on grading and certification, I am tasked with the administration, contact with Van Nature and communication with external parties and my son deals with the energy and labour aspects.


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