Tomato grower

Gertjan van der Spek

Solanum Lycopersicum

We grow a range of different tomato varieties on an area of 17 hectares. In winter we grow vine tomatoes and beef tomatoes under grow lights. In spring we replace the vine tomatoes with loose tomatoes. We also grow plum, or roma, tomatoes. My mission: to grow the tastiest tomatoes for consumers all over Europe. Interesting to know, the name of our company derives from the Latin word for tomato: Solanum Lycopersicum.






Bergschenhoek, Berkel en Rodenrijs en Bleiswijk

Environmentally friendly

The environment and sustainability are key at Solyco. Using residual heat, biological crop protection methods and storing rainwater underground are just a few examples of our sustainable growing strategy. We generate some of the power needed for the lights ourselves and the heat is also utilised efficiently. The rest of the power is sourced from wind turbines and hydroelectric power stations.

As well as investing in my company, I try to invest in a better world. Good education is one of the conditions to secure a better future for children, so Solyco sponsors the "Save a Child" charitable foundation.


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