Tomato grower

Evert-Jan en Astrid Pijpers

Life is sweet in Brabant...

We have lived and worked in Brabant for a few years now, and life is certainly sweet here. We moved here from Waddinxveen and have grown our company from 1.5 hectares to 3.1 hectares. Here in Heusden we are really out in the sticks - you're lucky to see maybe ten cars a day pass by. A greater contrast with our former site is unthinkable - in that built-up region about 18,000 cars raced by every day!




Kwekerij Pijpers



Vine tomatoes

We have always earned our living growing vine tomatoes and that's what we grow here too in Heusden. We have an absolute passion for vine tomatoes. The seedlings come ‘home' around New Year. After about four weeks the bumble bees arrive to pollinate the first flowers so the tomatoes can start growing on the plants. The tomatoes begin to turn red after a few weeks. It has become a challenge to see who can spot the first red tomato in the greenhouse! Everyone has their own personal favourite place and we all keep our eyes peeled. But, the person who signals the very first red tomato has to treat us all to cakes!


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