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Bas en Pieter Huijser

‘Nothing beats the taste of our Dutch cauliflowers!’

Bas Huijser – and his brother Pieter – don’t just grow cauliflowers, they are true cauliflower ambassadors. ‘I eat cauliflower twice a week’, Bas enthusiastically says. A cauliflower or two sometimes gets left behind on the 20 hectares of land farmed by the two brothers, and they also have a greenhouse to grow endives and lettuce.


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Gebr. Huijser V.O.F.



But the love of cauliflower has always been an enduring one. It's a staple vegetable, and one of the five best sellers in the Netherlands. It has been a stable crop for quite some years, explains Bas. But change could be on the horizon. Bas: ‘Cauliflower is a hot culinary trend in the United States, where it is hailed as a super food. And when something catches on in the USA, you can bet your bottom dollar it will soon catch on here too.


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