About us

Van Nature is a growers' association and a chain cooperation between growers and trading companies. As one of the largest growers’ associations in the Netherlands, we have a wide range of products of fruits and vegetables to offer, from tasty fruiting vegetables and refined soft fruit to open field vegetables and rich seasonings, such as peppers.

 Van Nature’s members endeavour daily to grow tasty and fresh fruit and vegetables of the highest quality. They grow their crops on modern holdings using innovative cultivation techniques and in accordance with the very latest standards and most stringent requirements in terms of food safety. 

 For more information about our growers, take a look at: https://www.nature.nl/en/growers/list


We identify market trends early, follow developments closely and listen to our customers. We work with short lines of communication, give personal attention and offer customisation. This means that we are THE partner for large and small growers, for volume producers and for speciality growers. When it comes to specific varieties, packaging, flavours, colours or concepts, we have the knowledge and experience to be the chain partner that makes the difference for you. Through our approach, we ensure that our production is customer- and consumer-orientated and have the most to offer growers and customers.



We want to contribute to a healthy and tasteful life for those who appreciate and buy our products. That’s why we strive to grow our crops in a way that has zero impact on our environment and on our society.


Growers’ association Van Nature has worked exclusively with its many trading partners since 1997. They supply the products of Van Nature’s growers to many hundreds of customers worldwide. Our trading partners Combilo, Haluco, Levarht and Scherpenhuizen are among the biggest exporters in the Netherlands. Thanks to their expertise and service, Van Nature’s products are on sale in more than 70 countries in the world. Through the broad market reach and knowledge of markets and customers, our trading partners, backed by Van Nature’s product knowledge, are best able to approach the market properly.

Together we achieve more by combining all the knowledge and involvement of partners such as seed companies and research institutes. Which is why we also call Van Nature a chain cooperation.


Since the establishment of the Dutch Federation of Fruiting Vegetable Associations (FVO) in 2015, Van Nature is a member of this Federation. Visit: www.vruchtgroente.nl for more information. 

Van Nature is a member of the Fresh Produce Centre (www.groentenfruithuis.nl).