About us

Van Nature is a growers' association and a chain cooperation between growers and trading companies. As one of the largest growers’ associations in the Netherlands, we have a wide range of products of fruits and vegetables to offer, from tasty fruiting vegetables and refined soft fruit to solid open field vegetables and rich seasonings, such as peppers.

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Our products

All our beautiful and fresh products are grown with care and attention by growers with craftsmanship. The quality of our products is assessed as being above average by independent experts and derives from a high degree of customer satisfaction.
All of Van Nature’s growers are Global Gap certified and, depending on the customers and markets they supply, also have additional certifications, such as BRC or PlanetProof.

Our concepts

It is our firm belief that concepts are only successful if they contribute to the position and sales of our customers. Information about consumer preferences and behaviour is thus always the starting point.

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